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We rent moving boxes

Waterproof sturdy EZBoxes - Free Delivery and Pick up from EUR 70

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Why rent EZBoxes?


time saving

Save time and immediately start packing your stuff. Our EZBoxes don't have to be folded together.

No more broken handles or bottoms! EZBoxes are robust, have a practical Form and are easily stackable.



Cardboard boxes are used two times in general. EZBoxes however are made from Plastic and can be used up to 400 times.


save money

Sturdy Cardboard boxes are not that cheap. They can easily cost up to €3,00. EZBoxes costs only ab €1,99.


EZBoxen (60x40x37 cm) are bigger and more stable as conventional cardboard boxes.

EZBoxen are made from recycled Plastic. Your belongings are well protected. Protected from dust and water.

EZBoxen are cheaper then cardboard boxes and are delivered in 24 hours at your door. Rent our EZboxes.
Smart moving!

Order now!

How does it work?

Step 1 phone laptop


You order

Till 50% cheaper than cardboard boxes. Delivery within 24 hours and return, both without costs.

Step 2
truck green
We deliver

Robust Boxes, which can be closed and stacked.

Step 3
You move

A lot of space: 60cm x 40cm x 37cm (65L) includes a lid, so your belongings do not get wet or covered in dust.

Step 4
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We take back

The empty boxes and other rented products.

Where do we deliver?

EZBOX only €1,99 per Box

Incl. delivery from EUR 70!



Clear selection


Or choose one of our moving packages

Everything you need for moving.

  • Your EZ Package

  • EZ BoxesEZ Boxes
  • Meter bubble wrapMeter bubble wrap
  • Sheets packaging silkSheets packaging silk
  • EZ transport trolleyEZ transport trolley
  • Hand cartHand cart
  • 20-25 m2 house

  • EUR 34,99

    1 week

  • EZ Boxes20
  • Meter bubble wrap10
  • Sheets packaging silk75
  • EZ transport trolleyno
  • Hand cartno
  • 35-45 m2 house

  • EUR 69,99

    1 week

  • EZ Boxes40
  • Meter bubble wrap15
  • Sheets packaging silk110
  • EZ transport trolleyyes
  • Hand cartno
  • 55-65 m2 house

  • EUR 109,99

    1 week

  • EZ Boxes60
  • Meter bubble wrap20
  • Sheets packaging silk150
  • EZ transport trolleyyes
  • Hand cartyes
  • 75-85 m2 house

  • EUR 139,99

    1 week

  • EZ Boxes80
  • Meter bubble wrap25
  • Sheets packaging silk190
  • EZ transport trolleyyes
  • Hand cartyes


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EZBoxen (60x40x37 cm) are bigger and more stable as conventional cartboard boxes.

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